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Welcome Message from the Resident Director

Welcome to CIEE Madrid’s blog for the Liberal Arts program! Since its beginnings over five years ago, we have developed an exciting program that we would like to share with you here. Look for our Cultural Agenda with weekly activities that explore and celebrate Spanish culture, a CIEE Spanish Student Network working in tandem with CIEE staff to help students discover some of the ins and outs of city and university life, a non-traditional Housing Program with “anfitriones” (hosts) who actively participate in their community and in CIEE, a Volunteer Program with opportunities to reach out to the local community, and an Internships course and Seminar on Living and Learning offering unique experiences and practical knowledge that forge future career paths and a greater appreciation of the study abroad experience.

It’s all here, and this is our story in the making. We invite you to be part of the Madrid LA experience and we hope that you have as much fun reading this blog as we are having contributing to it!