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  La foto (13)

 By Wynn Ponder (Washington & Lee University)

Last weekend, our program went to Seville. I was so excited to go because almost everyone in our group went and all I had heard was how amazing Seville was. It was the perfect, besides waking up at the crack of dawn to leave on Friday morning. We went to all of the must-see spots in Seville and still had plenty of free time to explore by ourselves.

We started the trip by stopping for a few hours in Cordoba and explored the Mezquita, which is the cathedral there. It was originally a Mosque built by the Muslims, and when the Christians took over, they kept the Muslim aspects and just added onto it to make it into a beautiful cathedral. There is still a lot of horse shoe arch ways and red and white stripes, which is all Islam style architecture.  We ate lunch in Cordoba and then got back on the road to go to Seville. 

By far, my favorite part of the trip was seeing the Alcazar Castle. To be a total nerd, the architecture on the buildings was stunning and the castle was ENORMOUS. I loved how throughout all of Andaluz, the Christians maintained most of the Muslim influence and architecture after they took over, which allowed for a cool mixing between the time periods and cultures. I’m not a huge Game of Thrones fan, but the upcoming season is filmed in this castle, which makes me want to start watching it. We also visited the Plaza de España, where part of Star Wars 2 is filmed. 

I loved that we had a ton of free time to explore the city by ourselves too. Sonia, who is from Seville, suggested that I go for a run by the river, which was cool because there isn’t a body of water like that in Madrid where people can go boating or fishing. Overall it was a great experience, and it was so awesome to be able to go as a group together to such a fun city!



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