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1 posts from April 2016



Galli el pais

By Anne Gaelle Sy

Luther College


I cannot express how lucky I am to have been given the opportunity to work in the international department of the biggest newspaper in Spain, El Pais.  I have been given nothing but career boosting experiences over these past few weeks and am sure that the next ones will do nothing but the same.  Not only do I translate Spanish articles into English for them to later be published on the newspaper’s website ( , I also work on the twitter and Facebook pages creating posts for over 30,000 followers to read.  I have had the opportunity to sit in on important meetings and have a look at the behind the scenes of a worldwide recognized newspaper.  I am looking forward to the weeks ahead of me at El Pais and hope to have many more by-lines on their website from the articles I translate. 

Here was my first published translation!