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By Matthew Zinner

Tufts University

New.  That is how I would describe my first two months in Madrid.  The short time I have been here has not been like anything I have ever experienced before.  Speaking, listening, and thinking in Spanish all day, everyday has been completely new for me.  Eating dinner at 10pm, traveling to different cities, and seeing the school cafeteria serve shots, all new.  I now take for granted aspects of my daily life, that two months ago would have been the coolest thing in the world to me.

 Every morning and afternoon I walk through Plaza Mayor on my way to campus.  That square is older than the United States, and I stroll through, half asleep or ready to be home after a long day, like it is nothing.  

 This is not to say that I am not appreciative of the incredible opportunity I have been afforded, rather than when you are surrounded by the spectacular, the impressive almost becomes mundane.  When you come back from visiting the Vatican, the massive church you see daily seems a little smaller. 

 That is why I am really glad I have the opportunity to write this blog.  In writing, I have had the chance to take stock of all the incredible things I have seen and done in such a short period of time.  February just ended, and I have already formed a lifetime of memories.  But I still have three months left, and I cannot wait to appreciate all the new experiences on the way.  



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